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Auckland University

Programme: International Foundation programme

Offer: Bachelor of Engineering(Hornor)

Yulun WU studied NZUP programme in and got an offer from Auckland University this year.

Yulun said: “I’d like to recommend NZUP programme strongly, because you can get fully support you need from the staff and reach your goal through excellent academic experience.I was really satisfied with my academic programme here.NZIoS has such a strong welcom and friendly atmosphere. The tutors are really helpful and supportive.

The choice of studying abroad in NZIoS,New Zealand wasn’t a esay one but it winded up the right one.”


Programme: International Foundation

Offer: Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

I studied international foundation programme in NZIoS, and it was a wide-range course and providing cross subjects that you can choose your own pathway. The staff are from different countries. I could emerge myself into a different culture quickly with their help.

What is the most important thing to study here is to learn to do research by yourself. Nobody will push you or watch you learning every bit as what we got in our country. Also, trying to interact with your classmates. English students in my class are quick learners and they are so creative and always share options and make comments, and that is what I have learned from them.

Massey University

Programme:International Foundation

Offer:Bachelor of Science

I feel so lucky to choose international foundation programme and this choice is turned out to be the greatest one. I got an offer from my dream school.

The thing I admired the most about NZIoS is the support I received from everyone at the school. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment. When I approached my teachers for assistance, they never failed to help me.

RMIT Austrilia

Programme:Internatioanl Foundation

Offer: RMIT, Austrilia

Learning about other cultures was always important to me. NZIoS is a very multi-cultural place, and that’s why I chose to study here. Flexible start dates were also a great advantage. By joining the extra-curricular activities, I was able to develop myself confidence and make new friends.

After I took international foundation, I was able to improve my grades due to the supportive environment and friendly teachers.

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